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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ruffle Scarf...So cute, So easy!!

 While we were having a mini vacation in Seaside, Oregon I decided to try this new "ruffle" yarn that I had purchased.  One brand that is popular is Sashay by Red Lion.  It's a little spendy, but you can get 2-3 scarves out of one skein.  (try using those JoAnn's coupons!) 
 This is what a skein looks like, once you take the packaging off.
 Now, you unfold the yarn and and you will see how pretty it is!! It already looks like you've already done a lot of work.
You will notice there is an edge that is "bound" and an open edge.  You will begin to crochet in the open edge, leaving the other edge (bottom)alone.  Using a "G" or any size desired  put hook through four loops, bring up next loop and pull thorough all four.  Insert yarn through stitch closest to your hook, bring up 4 loops and bring next loop through all four on hook.  Do this until you reach the desired length.  I simply knotted each end, it will look natural and work its way towards the ruffle.  This is so simple and would make a great gift or a quickie scarf for yourself.  Have fun. 

Thanks Kirsten, my lovely daughter for her modeling skills...wait, Kirsten, where's my scarf??

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scentsy...Monthly Specials

Check out Woot...our Warmer of the Month! He is so fun:) and...he is 10% off for the entire month of August!  Please check out my website for more information and to take a look at all our great warmers and scents!  If you would like a free sample of the scent of the month please email me and I will stick one in the mail. 

For all orders that are over $50.00, I will include a free bar or scent circle of your choice.  Get a few orders from your friends and in addition to all the great hostess gifts you will get a free mid size warmer of your choice.  Email me for details!!   debbie@perfectlysassy.com

Crochet Pattern Baby Chin Strap Hat

I suppose it's time to start thinking about fall, and cooler weather.  I thought I would post my pattern for this adorable little strap hat.  Use your imagination and mix up the colors.  I think this would be really cute done in gray and maroon...or even oranges and pinks for a little girl.  Enjoy and let me know how it turns out!   If your not into crochet or strapped for time, feel free to purchase completed hat in my Etsy Shop:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/70599576/crochet-strap-hat-for-baby-boys-or-girls

Notes: This hat is made in rounds, do not turn unless noted.  Carry yarn unused yarn on inside of hat..this will help with loose ends. This is for 3-9 months.
This cap is made in bulky yarn, any brand you like.  Beige A... Green B
Strap Hat
Using A
Make magic circle or ch5 slip stitch together ch 3
round 1  8dc in circle, ss togther ch3
round 2  2dc in each stitch around ss together ch 3
round 3  *1 dc in next stitch 2 dc in next stitch* continue from * around ss to join, ch3
round 4  *1dc in next 2 stitches 2dc in next stitch* continue from * around ss to join, ch3
round 5  *1dc in next 3 stitches 2dc in next stitch* continue from * around ss to join, ch3
round 6  *1dc in next 4 stitches 2dc in next stitch* continue from *around ss to join, change to B ch2
round 7  1hdc in each stitch around. ss to join, drop yarn, change to A (do not fasten off) ch3
round 8  1dc in each stitch around. ss to join, making sure contrast color in on the inside of the hat. change to B ch2
round 9  1hdc in each stitch around. ss to join,  change to A
round 10 1dc in each stitch around. ss to join, change to b
round 10 sc in each stitch around. fasten off and weave in all ends
round 1  working on the inside of hat, count over 10 stitches join and ch3, dc in next 5 stitches. ch3 turn
round 2-9 dc in next 5 stitches. ch 3 turn
round 10 ch 6 (or 7 depending on your button size) ss to last dc. fasten off. loop made
2nd strap
round 1 working on the inside of hat, count over 16 stitches join and ch3, dc in next 5 stitches. ch3 turn
round 2-4 dc in next 5 stitches. ch3 turn. fasten off. Attach button.
Make Pom Pom and attach to top of hat.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boho Sunrise Crochet Purse... Instructions

I was inspired by some cute bags other artist's have been crocheting...and decided to make my own version.  So this sweet little bag is being called Boho Sunshine.  It is about 9 1/2 inches wide and about 8-9 inches long.  Even beginners will enjoy this simple pattern.  Please use your imagination and mix and match colors.  My daughter wants one in a coral and turquoise color.  Send me pics of your creation and I will post for all to see.  Here are the directions and some pictures.  Enjoy your day!
Boho Sunrise PurseMaterials:
Worsted medium weight yarn in five colors of your choice.  I love love love..."I love this yarn" by Hobby Lobby
Size H crochet Hook
Two 6" purse handles (any kind you like)
Small amount of fabric for lining (if desired)
Skill Level: easy
All beginning chains count as first stitch, do not turn
Front flap...make 1
Make magic circle or chain 5 and join with ss
round 1. 12 DC in circle, join. ch 3
round 2. 2 DC in each DC around, join with ss. Change color. Ch3
round 3. 1 TRC in each space around. Join with ss.  Change color. Ch3
round 4. 2 HDC in each space around. Join with ss.  Change color. Ch2
round 5. 1 SC in each HDC around. Join with ss.  Change color. Ch 3
round 6. 1 HDC in back look of SC around. Join with ss. Change color. Ch 3
round 7. 6 DC in same space as joining. *skip 1, ss in next, skip 1 6 DC in next* contine from * around. join with ss and finish off.
Front and Back...Make 2
Make magic circle or chain 6 and join with ss ch 3
round 1. 15 DC in circle. join with ss. change color. ch 3
round 2. 2 DC  in each DC around. Join with ss. Change color. Ch 3
round 3. 1 TRC in each space around. Join with ss. Change color. Ch 3
round 4. 2 HDC in each TRC around. Join with ss. Change color. Ch 3
round 5. 1 DC in each HDC around. Join with ss. Change color. Ch 3
round 6. 1 TRC in each DC around. Join with ss. Change color. Ch 3
round 7. 1 DC in each TRC around. Join with ss. Change color. ch 3
round 8. 1 TRC in each DC around. Join with ss. Change color. ch 3
Side Band...Make 1
Chain 54 or lay chain around outer edge of front and see how wide you would like your opening.
round 1-4. HDC in each ch space. Finish off
lay band on front, wrong side together, and SC the two together. Then lay back with band also wrong sides together and SC together.
finish off and tuck in and trim all ends.  Fold down top of the circle towards the inside of the bag and position handle..whip stitch
closed.  Now this may pucker a bit, but don't worry its suppose to. Do the same with the other side. Now, pick a front side and a
back side.  Lay your flap over the back on the outside and whip stitch it on...it should go through the front handle and voila..you
have completed your fun little bag.



Monday, July 30, 2012

Coconut Mocha Frappachino...Ala Debbie Style

Happy Monday everyone!  I thought I would share a great recipe for a cool coffee treat...my version of the popular drink "coconut mocha frappachino"...my version is called  "coconut mocha ala Debbie"  If you enjoy an afternoon pickup, but hate the $5.50 price tag, try this:
3/4 cup of milk of your choice soy, whole, whatever
3/4 to 1 cup of strong cool coffee, I use the leftovers from the morning
1 shot glass of chocolate syrup
1 shot glass of coconut flavored syrup
about 2-3 cups of ice,  I use "crushed" on my fridge, but whole works too
1 teaspoon of  "pectin"...helps to avoid the seperating of the ice and coffee after blending

Stick it all in your blender, and whirl away.  I top with some whip cream and coconut sprinkles.  yum! It's literally about .75 to make, and takes only a few minutes.  Just think...if you make your own, you will save a couple hundred dollars a year! wow!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maui Trip

My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit Maui this summer.  As a school employee, I am very fortunate to have summers off....too bad our break started so late this year!  We had lots of snow and ice, and unfortunately a long strike at the beginning of the year.  But the first week off, we hit Maui with both feet.  I will post some fun stuff we did and pictures for you to see.

My husband and I love to eat, and one of the best restaurants we went to was "Mama's Fish House". We were having a joint celebration, it was my mother-in-laws 75th birthday, my nephew's 30th birthday and we (my hub and I) were kind of celebrating our 35th anniversary (not really until Dec) I am not a big seafood kind of girl, and was a little nervous, but I ended up having a wonderful crab stuffed mahi mahi and was delightfully surprised at such a wonderful meal. Mama's is full of Maui charm...set right on the beach. The floor plan is open and and there is no windows, thus the birds flying around continued to entertain me. The meal and the ambiance was worth the spendy price tag, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling to Maui.
                                          Front view from the restaurant          
                                           Open airy floor plan...amazing
                                          My Yummy Lunch
                                          My scrumptious dessert

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I've been having a blast making these little "wrap" bracelets.  The pattern is very simple, and they go together very fast.  The great thing about this bracelet....it is made using nylon cord (very fine) so, you can leave it on while swimming, doing dishes or showering.  I will post directions soon, this is so fun and easy!

Crochet earrings..awesome

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try and make some earrings I saw in a issue of  one of my favorite magazines "Crochet Today".  They were a bit tedious and I was having a heck of a time, until I realized that my steel hook was nicked, and my thread kept catching on the defect!  So, I was off to get a new hook and try it again. This is the result, not hard at all after I got a fabulous new hook! I will be trying these again in other colors and I may tweek the design a little.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our "North Forty" New Vegetable planters...from conception to completion! Whew!

We really wanted a vegetable garden this year, but our space is limited, and our backyard is not "garden friendly" as we have lots of cement and rock gardens.  So my husband had a brainstorm to put in planters in the front yard.  So... a plan was hatched.  First we went to our local hardware store and purchased enough wood to make five 3'x7' planters.  Luckily they able to cut the wood for us.  We got 10' boards, alowing us to make 1 planter box out of two boards.  We called our son, Jeff and brother in law Pete to help unload the truck and screw the planters together. This process took under a couple of hours.

Feeling quite satisfied with the result of the construction, we ordered the gravel and the dirt.  The gravel goes in first, then we put down black landscape fabric over the gravel and stapled it to the boards. 
Any finally, we planted our crops!!  Now the little cement planters contain our herbs and some peppers.  We have all kinds of yummy vegges growing, stay tuned for updates :)