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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I've been having a blast making these little "wrap" bracelets.  The pattern is very simple, and they go together very fast.  The great thing about this bracelet....it is made using nylon cord (very fine) so, you can leave it on while swimming, doing dishes or showering.  I will post directions soon, this is so fun and easy!

Crochet earrings..awesome

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try and make some earrings I saw in a issue of  one of my favorite magazines "Crochet Today".  They were a bit tedious and I was having a heck of a time, until I realized that my steel hook was nicked, and my thread kept catching on the defect!  So, I was off to get a new hook and try it again. This is the result, not hard at all after I got a fabulous new hook! I will be trying these again in other colors and I may tweek the design a little.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our "North Forty" New Vegetable planters...from conception to completion! Whew!

We really wanted a vegetable garden this year, but our space is limited, and our backyard is not "garden friendly" as we have lots of cement and rock gardens.  So my husband had a brainstorm to put in planters in the front yard.  So... a plan was hatched.  First we went to our local hardware store and purchased enough wood to make five 3'x7' planters.  Luckily they able to cut the wood for us.  We got 10' boards, alowing us to make 1 planter box out of two boards.  We called our son, Jeff and brother in law Pete to help unload the truck and screw the planters together. This process took under a couple of hours.

Feeling quite satisfied with the result of the construction, we ordered the gravel and the dirt.  The gravel goes in first, then we put down black landscape fabric over the gravel and stapled it to the boards. 
Any finally, we planted our crops!!  Now the little cement planters contain our herbs and some peppers.  We have all kinds of yummy vegges growing, stay tuned for updates :)