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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ruffle Scarf...So cute, So easy!!

 While we were having a mini vacation in Seaside, Oregon I decided to try this new "ruffle" yarn that I had purchased.  One brand that is popular is Sashay by Red Lion.  It's a little spendy, but you can get 2-3 scarves out of one skein.  (try using those JoAnn's coupons!) 
 This is what a skein looks like, once you take the packaging off.
 Now, you unfold the yarn and and you will see how pretty it is!! It already looks like you've already done a lot of work.
You will notice there is an edge that is "bound" and an open edge.  You will begin to crochet in the open edge, leaving the other edge (bottom)alone.  Using a "G" or any size desired  put hook through four loops, bring up next loop and pull thorough all four.  Insert yarn through stitch closest to your hook, bring up 4 loops and bring next loop through all four on hook.  Do this until you reach the desired length.  I simply knotted each end, it will look natural and work its way towards the ruffle.  This is so simple and would make a great gift or a quickie scarf for yourself.  Have fun. 

Thanks Kirsten, my lovely daughter for her modeling skills...wait, Kirsten, where's my scarf??

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  1. Deb-this is so cute and easy, I could even do it!